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The aim of the Charity is to assist people who have a proven/urgent need for financial help (proof and evidence required) from the South West Dorset / Jurassic Coast catchment area, including its Towns and surrounding villages.

a) The person who requires help must live within the catchment area on application
b) The Charity will not give donations or financial assistance for any leisure activities or to other Charities 
c) Some individual items may be purchased by the Charity and loaned to applicants

Our aim is to offer people who apply for financial assistance a better quality of life by our donation, and for the Charity to be able to help them or their immediate families financially, pay for help and urgent assistance such as individual items to help with everyday life (as per application form and guidelines), extra medical expenses, transport to Hospitals, car parking and other incidental expenses incurred as per their application form.


To apply for help please click the APPLICATION FOR HELP link at the top of the page.

Some examples of how the charity has helped.

  • A two year old girl who had tumours on both her kidneys and required chemotherapy at Southampton Hospital and two operations at Great Ormond Street. The charity supported the family with financial help to attend her appointments in Southampton and London, ensuring that her immediate family could stay with her when she needed them most.

  • A single mum who suffers from severe asthma which resulted in several hospital admissions so she was unable to work. She was advised to make her home “asthma friendly”. We provided an air purifier and wood flooring to replace her carpet.

  • A teenager who has battled two bouts of acute Leukaemia. We have provided financial assistance to help his family with the expense of regular visits to Southampton Hospital and the Royal Marsden.

  • A young mum who has breast cancer. We provided financial assistance to cover childcare, transportation costs and loss of earnings during her radiotherapy treatment.

  • A 21 year old man who has a degenerative eye condition which requires an operation to reduce the deterioration which is not available on the NHS. We helped fund this operation.

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