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Below is an online application for help please read all points before submitting you application, if you have any questions please send any enquiries to help


The Steve Charles Help a Friend Fund Guidelines & Conditions for Application for Funding or Assistance


1. Applications for funding and assistance can only be made by the people who are in need living within the West Dorset/Jurassic Coast catchment area that is highlighted on the map below.


2. Upon making an application you must give evidence or proof that your need is genuine. This can be a letter from your GP or Consultant, or other leading agency.


3. A detailed breakdown of the amount of money you require and the way the money will be spent will be negotiated and agreed before monies can be released.


4. No financial assistance will be given for any leisure activities.


5. Once a figure has been agreed with the applicant and the Charity, any monies raised over the amount agreed will be placed into the general funds for the charity. If the applicant requires additional help and support a new application will need to be submitted. The raising of funds may be subject to a campaign at the charities discretion.


6. Individual applications will be restricted to a maximum of £1000 per application unless exceptional circumstances arise and the evidence and proof is such that the Trustees deem it fit to offer more (for extra medical treatment etc.)


7. Applications can only apply for assistance twice in a 12 month period (unless there are exceptional circumstances).


8. Certain Individual items purchased by the charity may be provided only on a loan basis.


9. The Trustees have the right to refuse any application they deem not to fit with the constitution of the Charity (Applicants can appeal to the Chairman at the address below).

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